Wicked Badass Icthys

This project began when Daniel Phillips (a friend, photographer, and video artist) discovered this site near his studio in Boston and invited me to work with him to react to it in some way. The first time we visited the site together, we saw a rather large fish living in this holding tank and wondered how it got there. Over the next couple weeks we worked together to haul steel boxes and a metal panel over the wall of the tank to build an improvised fishing platform. With a home made rebar fishing rod and day-glow fishing tackle shaped into graffiti tags, we gave offerings to this fish that, god or not, is clearly hardcore.

Update: Since this project took place Daniel met a teenager walking by the site with a fishing pole going to the large holding tank nearby. Daniel told him about finding the fish in our spot and wondering where it came from. The teenager mentioned that he had released a fish there recently. So mystery solved! Or not…he also mentioned that there was a rumor going around about about a giant bizarre looking fish that lived in the larger holding tank. No one had seen it recently so perhaps someone had gone fishing for that mythic creature…

Time-Lapse Video by Daniel Phillips