Andrew Barco: A Continued Experiment

ATTENTION VIEWERS:  It has never been more necessary to lapse into Speculative Romanticism!  World Affairs have become cesspools of logic: wars, gross injustices once “travesties” are now “undeniable realities.”  Seeking peace is the prerogative of the insane.  Truth has become an A.C.T. (Action Concealing Time) so cannot be the goal of creative production.  Hope requires something else, something counterfactual to open up lost possibilities that may have never existed.  SEARCH FOR THE CLOSEST EXIT.  Quoting the great turn-of-the-century Chicago-based Occult publisher Delaurance: “Contemporary art is performed through a daily practice of material encounters with the metaphysics of the world.”  I warned you, Search for the closest exit. Or build with me bridges out of knock knock jokes; Rescue ancient satires from obscurity; Discover the geopolitics of imaginary creatures; Develop and master tradecrafts based on a misheard word, and surrender to the poetry that emerges from this immersion.  Because TIME is that stream that must be crossed twice.