Andrew Barco, born and raised in Durham, NC, has been working as a visual artist since 2002.  Besides pursuing his own creative projects, he has participated in the art world as a curator, gallery director, teacher, art school administrator, and community organizer in Durham NC and Boston, MA,and Chicago

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Andrew Barco: sculptor, performer, educator

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2010-2012           MFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Sculpture
2002                    (BA) Wesleyan University, Departmental Honors,  College of Letters

Exhibitions and Performances

2019 The Ambassador is In, Family Day, MCA Chicago, Chicago,IL

2018 Beyond Words, [group show] Chicago Artist Coalition, Chicago IL

2017 Rapid Pulse tour, Spread Art, Detroit, MI and Rosekill, Rosekill, NY

2017 Boondoggle, [group show] Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL

2016 Remote Connection, [group show] Waubonsee CC, Sugar Grove, IL

2016 Inventions, [packaging for experimental music album], Parlour Tapes

2015 What We Don’t Know [group show], Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL

2014 Imminence, a Life [solo exhibition], Threewalls, Chicago,IL

2013 We’ll Meet You There [performance], Out of Site Performance Series, Chicago, IL

Collaborator: Hannah Barco

2013 Pale Blue Eyes [performance], Rapid Pulse Performance Festival, Chicago, IL

2012 The Air-Loom [sculpture], SAIC Graduate Exhibition, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL

Vibrant Matter II [sculpture],Ground Up: The Infrastructure of Place, The Bike Room, Chicago, IL


H.Y.L.O.Z.O.I.S.M. (installation), Experience is Never Unattached, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL

Collaborator: Marissa Benedict

Pneuma (sculpture) WEDDINGS / PROMS / CORPORATE EVENTS […], Zou B Artist Center, Chicago, IL

Delaurence performance Investment InCorporated, (performance) CFANN, Chicago, IL

Collaborator: Hannah Barco

DPII (1st 10 Customers Get 10% Off) (performance), New Blood Festival (SAIC) Chicago, IL

Collaborator: Hannah Barco

2009    Oblique Negotiations (solo show), Fivesevendelle Project Space, Boston, MA

Momento Mori (performance), Fieldhouse, Oakland, CA

Collaborator: Hannah Barco

Confermation (performance), Fivesevendelle Project Space, Boston, MA

Celebration (performance), Fivesevendelle Project Space, Boston, MA

Collaborator: Sarah Kaplan

Becoming-Acteon (performance), Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, MA

2008 Transformation Station (performance), Mobius (home of Mobius Artists Group), Boston, MA

The Acteon Project (photos), Triangle Counter-Cartography Convergence, Durham, NC

A Report on “Loaded Text” (performance), Counter-Cartography Convergence, Durham, NC

Collaborator: Hannah Barco

2007 Assembly!: Rehearsing a Public Ritual for the Founding of the Land of Apocryphy, (performance) Man Bites Dog Theater, Durham, NC

As artist collective LOLO TRIO (other founding members: Sabri and Jacob Reed)

2006  Prosopography, Artspace, Hartford, CT

Sonnets to Orpheus (drawings), Triangle in Transit, G Spot, Baltimore, MD

Passion for the Real (solo show), West Village Apartments, Durham, NC

Sonnets to Orpheus, Durham Arts Place, Durham, NC

Public/Curatorial Projects

2009 Acteon’s Wake (bike ride/site-specific performance event) Fivesevendelle Project Space, Boston, MA

Collaborator: Ian Colon

2006 Evidence: A show about Police Brutality (exhibition), Transom Gallery, Durham, NC

In collaboration with the Evidence For Change Collective

Urban Anthropology Project (exhibiton), Transom Gallery, Durham, NC

2005 Breaking Ground (exhibition), Transom Gallery, Durham, NC


2014 Acre Projects

2012 Herold Arts


2012 Finalist for the Claire Rosen and Samuel Edes Foundation Prize

2011 Nominated for the Dedalus Foundation award


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