Imminence: The Ride

I created this installation–a curved wooden track to roll a crystal ball across the landscape of the Herald Arts residency in Ohio.

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Pale Blue Eyes

Photo credit: Arjuna Capulong, Ahyun Kim Pale Blue Eyes is a performance piece developed for the Rapid Pulse international performance festival and performed June 3rd, 2013. Roughly based on the history of the surgical theater, this work attempts a surgical investigation into the experience of viewing/participating in art.


We’ll Meet You There

We’ll Meet You There is a one night performance event created by Andrew and Hannah Barco for the 2013 Out of Site series of public performances.  The event consisted of eight simultaneous community processions through Wicker Park/Bucktown publicly celebrating and bearing witness to everyday aspects of our lives. The Promenade of Rising Dough, The Promenade of Double […]


Imminence, a Life

In a very slightly different parallel universe Giles Deleuze misspelled the title to his famous essay, “Immanence: a Life”, setting off an unexpected and unintentional trajectory for contemporary theory, provoking a body of thinkers engaging time less through missives on utopias and dystopias but through articulating the immanence of imminence—the dwelling of the future in […]


The Androne

The Androne is a functional hurdy-gurdy (a “drone” musical instrument) in the shape of the predator drone currently flying missions in the middle east by the US military. This project has been shown at Heaven Gallery in Chicago, the Waubonsee Community College gallery, and in the Experimental Sound Studio [ESS] Gallery. In ESS it was […]


The Grasshawk

The Grasshawk is a creature mentioned in “True Story”, a first century novel by Syrian writer Lucian of Samosata treated by some as the first science fiction novel. This piece, made of batiked fabric, fake grass, and hand-carved walnut, is the first component in what will be a monument to the battle between the sun […]


Constructing Peace

This piece was shown and performed at the Chicago Artist Coalition, Constructing Peace is the third scene in a 3 act play acted out on/with my CNC. In this scene, we are constructing the interplanetary court envisioned by the 19th century philosopher Fedorov to ensure peace as humans inhabit the solar system. The cnc is […]


The Ambassador is In

I created this participatory performance for Family Day at the MCA. Staged as an “ambassor’s office”, this performance centered around a very simple collaborative drawing game that can be done with children of many ages but also explored the broader idea of non-verbal communication. Interrupting the participatory game were performances in which we used semaphore to communicate with specific art works in the gallery. Completed drawings were hoisted up as flags up to the third floor balcony of the museum.

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The Air Loom

The Air-Loom (or Influencing Machine) is a response to my research on an 18th century psychotic James Tilly Mathews, who believed he was persecuted by what he called an “Air-Loom,” a pneumatic device that could influence his thoughts and world history. I’m particularly interested in his imagined machine, which marked the moment, at the turn […]


The Acteon Project

The Acteon Project was a series of performances enacted over the course of the summer of 2008 in Boston’s Arnold Arboretum using a prosthetic which allowed me to see through the eyes, hear through the ears of a taxidermy deer head.